Donation Delivery on Saturday, September 26th

On Saturday, September, 26th, we made deliveries of donations to a few different locations. As the wildfires have been dying down, some of the traditionally thought out relief centers have received an over abundance of supplies. We needed a creative way to get your donations into the hands of those who need it most.

We visited the Madonna’s Center, a non-profit that serves UNsupported young single parents who cannot provide for their kids. They are referred to individuals who call 211 for assistance. COVID and the wildfires have created a huge demand where they have been turning away young single parent families in need, due to the lack of supplies. One of their volunteers were in tears because of the amount of generosity they received from YOU, the community.

After we left the Madonna’s Center, we headed out to see our friends at Estacada Community Watch. Based on continued communication from throughout the week, they identified a few families with kids who lost everything from the wildfires. We were able to get these donations to them through this partnership.

A family in Estacada that evacuated with their daughters reach out to us directly on our Facebook page. We are looking at getting this family some toys and other goods later this week, and are in the process of going through the donations we have received from you over the past few days.

Thank you to everyone involved. None of this would be possible without all of your help. Also, thank you Ashley Jimenez for your help driving the box truck donated by Rapid Response Bio-Clean.

You still have time to drop off donations. Our donation site partners will be accepting your donations until Wednesday, September 30th. Stop in at McCulloch Insurance Agency, along with L.O. Safeway, L.O. Fire Station, L.O. Library, and City Hall.

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