Installation of Club Officers and Induction of New Members Ceremony

The Kiwanis Club of Lake Oswego held their “Club Installation Ceremony” on Tuesday, October 6th. The installation ceremony is the official changing of Officers and Board of Directors at the beginning of the new fiscal year. Kiwanis Fiscal year runs from October 1st to September 30th. Normally, this would be a formal ceremony with appetizers and drinks, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was held virtually via Zoom.

The retired Lt. Gov. of Division 70, Richard Chesbrough, attended to recognize the retiring of officers. His position has now been filled by Betty Crawford, who will act as Lt. Gov. of Division 70 for the next two years. Jennifer Berman, the previous year Club President, now Immediate Past President, gave her word of appreciation to the club.

Betty Crawford, Lt. Gov. Division 70, performed the Installation of Officers and Directors Ceremony. She spoke to each new officer and board member, explaining the importance of their specific roles to the club. Joyce Handa is now the Club President. Andrew Caswell is the Club Secretary. Erin McCulloch is now the Club Treasurer. Jennifer Bergman is the Immediate Past President. Deena Bothello is now serving as the only Board Member.

Afterwards, Betty Crawford performed an induction of new members ceremony. This was an exciting moment, as the club brings on two new members. Alison Palombo, previously a member of the now closed Portland Kiwanis Club, is now a member of Kiwanis Club of Lake Oswego. Esther Medina was also inducted as a brand new member of Kiwanis.

Upon closing of the ceremonies, club members were able to depart for the evening. The brand new officers stayed to conduct the club budget meeting. Discussions about financials and upcoming service events that could revolve around finances of the club took place. 

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