Markham School Book Activity

A special shout out goes to Joyce Handa, Billy Brooks, Esther Medina, Al Kaynard and Rhonda Pierce Moreno for volunteering at Markham School (Title I site) located in Southwest Portland. 

Kiwanis members organized and assembled books to be distributed to students based on their appropriate grade level. The Book Bag Project was implemented by Markham School Librarian, Kirsten Truman, to encourage youth to continue to improve their literacy skills. Approximately 180 elementary school students are benefitting from this program.

Kirsten Truman, Markham School Librarian (Kiwanis Club of SW Hills member) has conveyed her heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the club helping organize books that will be sent home with students.  According to Kirsten, Kiwanis has been an enormous help in supporting the Book Bag Project and she is incredibly grateful for our club’s continued service.

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